Sullivan CUSD#300 School Weather Closings and Delayed Start Information

At Sullivan Schools, we believe in emphasizing the safety of our students during times of inclement weather, while at the same time maintaining school in session when possible.  In the event that weather causes a need to cancel or delay the start of school, a phone call and text will be sent to all parents and guardians whose phone numbers are in our All-Call system.  Additionally, this information will be communicated on our district social media sites and sent to WAND and WCIA.

There are three options for adjustment of the school day:

  • 1)School is cancelled for all students
  • 2)Two-hour Delayed Start for Snow/Ice
  • 3)Two-hour Delayed Start for Temperature/Windchill

During any of these three options, all morning extracurricular activities will be cancelled.  A decision on afternoon/evening activities will be made later in the day.

The Two-hour Delayed Start options are put in place for days when the weather causes poor driving conditions in the morning that may clear off later in the day or when temperatures are very low but may rise later in the day.  During either Two-hour Delayed Start options, buses will run two hours later than they normally would.  Breakfast will not be served and Morning Early Childhood and Project HELP classes will not be in session.  Dismissal times will remain the same.

To assist parents with morning obligations, the west entrance to SES will open at 7:30, with supervision available for elementary students in the SES gym.  The main entrance to SHS will also open at 7:30, with supervision available for middle and high school students in the SHS gym.

For this year, we have added an option that will allow school to remain in session during extreme cold.  The primary reason that school is sometimes canceled during very low temperatures is due to students who have a long walk to school.  We have added a component to the Two-hour Delayed Start schedule to address this.  Only during a Two-hour Delayed Start for Temperature/Windchill, the district will have three buses start at the east, south, and west sides of town.  These buses will be heated and stopped at various points in town (SEE MAP ON BACK).  Students can get on these heated buses any time during the ten-minute interval listed so that they only have to walk a short way in the cold.  These buses will move across town and drop students at the school around 8:45 before leaving to perform their normal morning routes at a Two-hour Delay.  Any Sullivan student may be picked up at any stop.  The routes will ONLY be used during times of extreme temperature that cause a Two-hour Delayed Start and will not run when school is delayed due to snow or ice.

As always, please use caution when driving, and be sure to bundle up when going out this winter.