Today's events at Mattoon High School will more than likely spark questions or concerns in your child(ren); mainly focused on their own safety at school. Children, no matter their age, look to the adults in their life for a sense of security. A message of reassurance of their safety is important for children to hear, even if we don't feel safe it is important for our children to feel safe and protected. A message that is simple and factual, yet confirms their safety in their own school will help the most during a potentially difficult conversation. An example of how to answer your children's questions may be to say, "Yes, something bad happened at Mattoon High School, but you are safe at your school in Sullivan."  Sadly, other schools have experienced similar horrific events and because of that we have taken measures to ensure our students' safety at school. We have locked doors on the classrooms and on the outside of the buildings, emergency procedures in place, a security officer in district, and security cameras that monitor inside and outside the buildings.