About Us

The Sullivan Color Guard proudly serves as a complement to the Sullivan Marching Redskins Band, directed by Mr. Shaun Schaefers. Each Marching Band season, the Sullivan Color Guard performs alongside the band to help provide a beautiful spectacle of entertainment, music, and unique marching choreography.

The Sullivan Color Guard is an award-winning guard team whose members are skilled in the use of dance, flag, marching, and rifle maneuvers. Tryouts for the Sullivan Color Guard occur every Spring semester. Guard members attend the 4th of July parade over the summer, summer Band Camp, summer Color Guard camp, the Homecoming pep rally and parade, home SOV football games, and a host of marching band competitions throughout the Marching Band season. The team is committed to establishing a tradition of excellence through the development of new skills, the perfection of choreography, and an emphasis on hard work and continual practice towards improvement.

Feel free to contact the instructors Mrs. Caitlin Martin, at martinc@sullivan.k12.il.us or Ms. Natalie Hoijer at hoijern@sullivan.k12.il.us.

Color Guard Members

Fall, 2019 Color Guard Members
Senior Captain
Sophomore Co-Captain


2019 Marching Season

This season's Marching Band Show is yet to be announced.

The Sullivan Marching Redskins Band and Color Guard will be performing or competing at the following events:

Event Type Date
4th of July Parade Performance
Meet the Redskins Day Performance
Sullivan Marching Band Competition Performance
Mt. Zion Marching Music Games Competition
EIU Panther Marching Invitational Competition
Sullivan High School Homecoming Parade Performance
University of Illinois Band Competition Competition
Effingham Marching Band Competition Competition