Dear Parents:

This spring, Illinois Schools will administer the new Partnership Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) test to students in third through eighth, and eleventh grades. Sullivan Schools have been committed to implementing the mandated New Illinois State Standards.  We have been preparing our students since Spring 2010 with Illinois Learning Standards in anticipation of the new assessment.  We are confident that our students are ready for the first PARCC test. To ensure our students success, Sullivan Schools volunteered and have taken all the pilot tests possible.  

General Information Regarding the PARCC Test

 ● The testing period now includes two testing windows (March and May) and will span throughout the district for three weeks.

 ● Students will take a computer-­based assessment. It requires skills in navigating between screens, prompts, and tools, ­­all during a timed assessment.

● State-wide, the estimated cost of PARCC administration is $57 million. The federal government also dedicated $186 million to develop the test.

●Statewide administration of PARCC follows a one year pilot in which we participated.

Please know we are committed to educating your children while following all our state regulations and are prepared for the test.   For more information about the PARCC test, please access our district website at  or contact the respective building principal, Mrs. Jessica Reeder, or me at 728-8341.



Brad Tuttle, Superintendent